Saturday, October 18, 2014

Short fast trip to Utah

Wednesday afternoon we pulled out of Worland at 1:45.  At 8:45 we pulled up at Audrey's apartment in Provo.  There was much rejoicing as Audrey and Lauren were reunited with their siblings.  Lauren lives right across the street from Audrey so we all went from Audrey's apartment to Lauren's and took this not so great picture:

Lucy was the lucky one and got to spend the night at Audrey's apartment!  We left Lucy and drove to their cousins house in Orem and dropped Andy and Emma off at the Horne's to spend the night. Eric, Peter, and I then went to my sister's house and slept there.

The next morning I tried to cram way too many things into one day!  Everyone needed to see and go to different places!  I managed to get a lot done, but it would have been nice to sit down and relax!  Here's most of the days activities:
Eric and Peter's haircut (they got their haircut in Worland and it really wasn't done well)
Sports Authority for a birthday present for Palmer
Plato's Closet for a skirt for me
The DMV for a duplicate learners permit for Emma because she lost hers
Emma to her friends house
My hair cut and colored
Lauren's hair cut
The van's oil changed
Dinner with my mom
Visited with Brian's mom
Visited with Brian's dad
Saw a few more friends

We enjoyed the time with family and took some silly pictures:

On Friday we got up early and I took Andy and Emma to see one more friend each, I ran to the store and ran to BYU to say goodbye to Audrey.  We left at 9:15 for Salt Lake to go to Emma's Dr.'s appt. at Primary Children's, which was the reason we were in Utah in the first place.

I found out after we were in Utah that at the football game on Friday night they would be honoring the seniors.  Palmer said he had to have a parent there at 5:30 to escort him onto the field.  Brian was in Indiana for some training and I didn't think I could get back in time, but we gave it our best shot.  We got out of Emma's appointment at 11:00 and we pulled up at the high school at 5:25!  We all prayed that we would be able to get there in time and thankfully we did.  I felt bad Brian wasn't there because it was a really cool thing to see them honor the seniors.  There were only 8 senior football players and they gave them flowers and balloons and announced all their accomplishments over the loud speakers as the parents walked with them on the track.  They had a huge banner with their picture taken together in their uniforms.  It was really nice.  The sad part is they lost the game to Star Valley which means they won't be in the state playoffs.  They started the season off really well, but have lost the last few games.

The kids did really well in the car!  On the way back I rationed water because I didn't want to stop.  We stopped once for gas and that was it!  It was so nice to pull up to our house and be done driving!
Palmer and Emma are in Casper today for the state marching band competition.  Their band has really improved so I hope they do well.

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