Monday, July 20, 2015

Elder Edholm--week 6

Hey everybody this is my first email from the mission field. I´m in San Cristóbal in the Canastica ward. My trainer´s name is Elder Campbell from Page, Arizona and I really like him a lot. I´ll see if I can send some pictures next week. But I´ve seen some really crazy stuff just in my first week here. First of all I saw this guy ¨speaking in tongues¨ which is what the Dominican´s interpretation of speaking in tongues is. It´s basically just a guy standing on a huge pedestle yelling in Arabic, kind of scared me. Then this legit crazy guy almost attacked me. We were teaching this one old lady who literally thought we were angels from God. She wouldn´t really let us teach because the whole time she was just telling us how great we were, and how much love and peace we brought. She started crying when we left, and kissed our hands. All of the kids here call us Chinese, one kid called me a Zombie. At our house we can´t flush the toilet paper or else it all backs up into ourn house.

Well we were teaching this one girl named Jesel who is a less active. She was actually sealed in the temple, but she separated from her husband about a year ago, and her husband refused to divorce her. So she started living with another guy, and she got pregnant. She was looking to fix the whole situation. She went through disciplinary actions, and she got excommunicated. It was a huge shock for me, I´ve only heard of that happening. Elder Campbell was really sad because he´s been working with her for a while.

Well I got to go
Till next week
Elder Edholm

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