Friday, July 24, 2015

Elder Edholm's first area

I did a little research on the place Palmer is serving and thought I would share it.

San Cristobal is the capital of the San Cristobal province.  It's about 20 miles from Santo Domingo where Palmer was in the MTC.  It has a population of 275, 232 people.  It is hilly and near the coast of the Caribbean Sea.  It is home to many major league baseball players (9 that I found so far).  There are baseball academies here that produce these talented players.

He is serving in the Canastica ward which is part of the San Cristobal Stake.  The stake has 5 wards and 3 branches and was created in 1997.

Here is where it is in relation to the country

Here is a picture I found on google images.

Palmer's camera is having issues, so he hasn't sent me any pictures yet.  I don't know if he is by the coast or further north.  

Currently it's about 90 degrees and about 62% humidity.  

As I looked at the boundaries of his mission this is definitely one of the most populated areas, most of his mission looks rural.  

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