Monday, July 27, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 7

Well I wish I could´ve gone to Flaming Gorge with you guys, I´ve only ever driven past it. But for P-day today we went on a hike in Cambitas which is like 15 minutes away. But it was pretty fun. 

Anyway the mission is coming great, along with the Spanish I think, it never really seems like I´m progressing, but my companion always tells me how much I´m progressing. We don´t really have any of our investigators coming to church right now, mostly because the church in Canastica has been closed for a long time, they´re rennovating it. But I think it should be open soon, and then we´ll hopefully see investigators at church. For now we´re going to church in Lavapies which is like five minutes away, but our investigators are pretty poor and don´t have cars, so it´s hard for them to make it that far away. 

But I forgot to tell you, these people make juices out of everything! I had cherry juice yesterday! It was interesting. But I´ve had Papaya, Star fruit, tamarind, passion fruit, pear, and lot´s of other juices, my favorite is either Tamarind juice or passion friut juice, they´re amazing, way better than any juices I´ve had before. 

Elder Edholm

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