Monday, August 3, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 8

Tell Eric I can´t wait to play music with him.

But anyway this week has been great, the Spanish is coming really great, I can understand a lot and I can say most of what I need to say. A lot of people are really shocked when I say I´ve only been out for three weeks because they all say my Spanish is really great. I don´t really know why the Lord has blessed me with the gift of tongues so much, but I´m very grateful for it.

So we have this investigator named Yajaira that we´re teaching, she´s part of a different church, but loves to hear from us, and always reads everything we tell her to. But the other day when we were teaching here we gave here a Book of Mormon, and she understood everything about it, and said she´d read 3 Nephi 11. At the end we asked her to pray, and she thanked the Lord for sending us to her, and asked if the Book of Mormon was true and if this was the path she was to take, and she started crying, I could feel the Spirit more than ever. 

So pretty much the whole country is in a water crisis right now. We fasted for rain on Sunday, and it rained some, but we are still in huge need for water. After it rains, you can literally see the water evaporating of the road, and then I just die because it´s so hot, haha.

Well I´ll attach some pictures finally.
Till next week
-Elder Edholm

Palmer somewhere on a P-Day, he didn't say where this was.

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