Monday, August 10, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 9

Well, I had another great week as normal. We´re starting to work with the members more which is good. I shared my testimony in sacrament meeting this last Sunday, I was pretty nervous, but it went pretty well.

We keep seeing nasty cockroaches in our house that are as big as my hand. Also there´s this awesome frozen yogurt place we go to a lot where you pick three toppings you want and then they blend that in to your frozen yogurt, it´s the best frozen yogurt I´ve ever had.

We have been with and without water this week, but hopefully it will get better. One huge thing I learned this week is to not ignore the promptings of the Holy Ghost. We were teaching an investigator named Santo Borito, and he´s a super cool guy, and he´s progressing a lot. We were going over the Doctrine of Christ with him in 3 Nephi 11, and I felt the strongest impression to ask him to be baptized because the Doctrine of Christ is baptism. But I didn´t because the natural man came over me. I thought, oh no my companion won´t want me to do that. But in reality the Holy Ghost sends you promptings to guide and direct you because He knows way better than I ever could, so I´m never going to ignore a prompting ever again because I´m pretty sure he would´ve accepted the invitation.

´Till next week

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