Monday, May 9, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 48

We got to talk with Palmer for Mother's Day yesterday and it was wonderful!  It took about 30 minutes of trying to finally get connected, the internet connection there is never good.  He looked great and talked about the baptism he had on Saturday.  Right before he had to leave he said him and his companion were going to choir practice.  The church takes them 30 minutes to walk to and they rarely get rides since most of the members don't own cars and they don't have bikes or access to public transportation.  Palmer also said that everything starts late-on Dominican Republic time-which is about 30 minutes late!  I was just impressed he was going to choir practice!  He also told me that every hymn that is played is at half speed-VERY slow!  They don't have pianos or organs, just electric keyboards.  He says he leads the music a lot because no one apparently knows how to lead music.  I'm glad his music training is paying off!  It was great to talk with him!

Here is Palmer and his companion and the guy that got baptized on Saturday.  I stole this photo from Facebook!

We got Audrey connected easily, but had to wait for Palmer to join us.

He looks blurry here, but it did clear up eventually.

Thank goodness for technology!  Lauren was teaching primary and couldn't join us. 

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