Monday, May 30, 2016

Elder Edholm --- week 51

So a couple weeks ago we started doing this thing called the purification process. It basically starts with a fast and then you write down all of the disobedient things you are doing and you promise not to do them for 40 days. At first I didn't really think much about it, but now I'm really understanding how important it is. I've even put things down like tap my hands to drum beats. I know it doesn't seem like much, but really that time could be used receiving promptings from the Holy Ghost or thinking about ways that I can help my investigators. I've realized that if I really want to be a good missionary I have to give up absolutely every worldly thing so that the Holy Ghost can do his job better.

But besides that we have 1 for sure baptism coming up on June 18th. There are two other possible baptisms that could happen that day. We were gonna go to a really cool beach today, but I wasn't feeling very good so I couldn't go, but that doesn't matter, I'll definitely go another day.

It was also my companion's birthday on the 27th and we had a really cool surprise party for him in Jeison's house. But Jeison is really great and keeps giving us references. One of which was his cousin. She's really cool and she went to church the first time we invited her. While she was there she straight up told us that she wanted to get baptized. We went to their house after church and gave her a Book of Mormon. The only bad thing is, is that she left yesterday to Santo Domingo to study, but I gave the reference to the missionaries to whose area she moved to.

I also found a really cool scripture that I shared the other day with a less active, Ether 4:7. I understood that The Lord wants to reveal stuff to us and give us lots of blessings, but he can't unless we exercise our faith first. 

Well that's all for today, and I completely forgot, happy brithday Mom, Lucy, and Peter!! I hope the baptism goes well!

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