Friday, November 14, 2014

Apparently I spoke too soon.  It got down to -27 this week!  I'm starting to wonder where I really moved, did I take a wrong turn and end up in Nome Alaska, or Canada?  It's amazing what that kind of temperature feels like.  It warmed up to 12 degrees today and snowed a little.  There is a BIG difference between -27 and 12 degrees above zero.  I've never been more thankful for a warm house and warm clothes and cars that work.  I noticed on facebook that other places that got part of this arctic storm closed their schools.  Not Wyoming, they just take it in stride.  Andy's basketball game was canceled on Thursday in Cody.  The roads are pure ice and they didn't want the to risk the drive.

Our family has been saddened by the news of the death of our dear bishop from the Orem Park 8th ward.  Bishop Loveless fell ill shortly after we moved and was in the hospital for weeks without the doctors knowing what was wrong.  They finally diagnosed encephalitis and his family decided to let him go and took him off the machines that were keeping him alive.  His funeral is on Monday.  He was so young (61) and in great health.  His youngest son is Lauren's age and is on a mission.  I don't think he will be coming home for the funeral.  It's been really hard on our ward.  They have been fasting on and off for weeks for him.  He was a wonderful man and said so many kind words to our family.  Our hearts go out to his wife and children.

Christmas is starting to come to our in house in the form of boxes from Amazon!  It's so exciting!  I now need a place to store all of these things beyond the prying eyes of my children.

Brian leaves on Sunday for Indiana again for more training.  I'm sure the weather there will be lots better than here!  He will be gone until Friday and then we leave for Utah on Saturday! Woohoo!  We all can't wait!

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