Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Wow.  Wow.  I thought I had experienced cold in Utah.  This is serious cold.  It's 7 degrees outside with a wind chill of -8!  They won't let the kids go outside for recess when the wind chill reaches below zero.  Peter, Lucy, and Eric walked the half a block to school completely bundled up, boots, hats, coat, gloves, etc.  Even Andy and Palmer succumbed and wore coats today.  Just opening the door for a few seconds cools your house down about 10 degrees!  This is crazy!  I set the heater to 64 degrees last night and I think it was on all night!  I don't dare turn off the heater completely because we would be icicles in our beds in the morning!  And I just discovered last night that Emma and Lucy's bedroom doesn't have a heater vent!  WHAT?!  They say they haven't been cold, but I think they need to sleep with their door open to get some heat in there.  Maybe I need to invest in electric blankets!  I'm going to leave the fireplace on all day today, it's so warm and cozy in the basement, I'm hanging out there today.

Lucy had her first basketball practice last night.  She's pretty excited about playing since she has never played before.  The high school girls basketball team came and helped with the first practice.

Since it's too cold to do anything but stay inside I've been Christmas shopping online!  It's actually more fun than I thought it would be.  I had to warn the kids that if any packages come and they open them they will get a big lump of coal for Christmas!  Peter wrote up his Christmas list and it's hysterical.  Here is what he wants:

-small batteries
-hex bug
-watermelon gum
-a watermelon
-a hibiscus flower
-a fake beard

Apparently twinkies is the theme this year since Eric also asked for it along with coconut cream pie, the lego movie and a lego mini figure.  Lucy is still working on her list, I'm sure it will be a winner as well!

Well, I am going to go sit by the fire and get warm!

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