Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November in Worland

Beautiful bright blue skies, no snow, no rain.  I think the weather is worse in Utah now than here in Wyoming!  It's definitely cold at night-in the 20's, but during the day it warms right up.  I still have blooming snap dragons in my front flower beds.  I haven't even turned the heater on, we turn on the gas fireplace in the mornings and then after a few hours I turn it off and the house is warm enough for the rest of the day.  

I've got a post Halloween/change of the season cold.  I thought I would just shake it off, but it's taking a turn for the nasty.  It's amazing to be able to be sick and just rest!  I've never been able to do that before.  I've always had to go to work even if I'm sick or had a baby and/or toddler to take care of amidst my feeling yucky.  Yesterday I just took care of myself, wow what a blessing and luxury!  

Since it's November I have turned on the Christmas music and I'm loving it!  I don't think I can ever get enough of it.  I miss the radio stations playing Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over.  I'm still stuck with country music, the 50's music, or bad pop music.  The radio rarely comes on when I'm in the car.  Most people here have satellite radio in their cars, but my 2000 GMC 12 passenger van doesn't have that option unfortunately.  

Andy's basketball team played Thermopolis yesterday and they won by a land slide.  Palmer also had his football banquet and got his varsity letter for football.  His orange W looks exactly like Brian's orange W from his high school, they are twins!!

I'm luxuriating in this calm beautiful morning even though I'm sick.  I love the peacefulness of the house as I listen to music and have time to really read my scriptures without any interruption.  I'm so very thankful for this time in my life.  Our life has slowed down a bit since we moved and I think everyone is a little calmer and happier even though we miss many things we left behind.  I'm very glad we are just a short 7 hour road trip away from home!

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