Thursday, June 11, 2015

Elder Edholm, week #1

Here is Elder Edholm's latest letter:

So p-day is on Thursday here in La Républica Dominicana. And my first real day here, which was a week ago today, was a pretty long day like dad said. But after that day finally ended I thought that getting out into the actual mission field was never ever gonna come, and was kinda just amazed at the people who made it out of the MTC. But this MTC is way small, there are only about 20 missionaries here in total right now. But my companion elder beach finally got here last Saturday and he is a pretty good guy, he has a really thick Caribbean accent, obviously because he's from the Bahamas, but it's kinda hard to understand what he's saying sometimes. Anyway the Spanish is going pretty good I guess, I still have a ton to learn. But yeah all my classes are completely in Spanish which isn't all that bad because I really like all of my teachers a lot, they're great at what they do and they really take the time to help you understand everything. I went to the temple again today since the temple and the MTC are literally right next to each other, they're both in the same gate. I met my mission president a couple days ago because he just happened to be here at the MTC. Well we watched a devotional that elder Bednar gave at the Provo MTC about a year ago and he bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon, and it was the most powerful and convincing testimony on the Book of Mormon I have ever heard. I didn't know that elder Bednar was such a credible and amazingly intelligent guy. The Lord really picks bright people to be his prophets and apostles. Well one of the most important things I have learned so far begins with a little experience I had. So pretty much the first couple days (it seemed like a lot longer than that!) they kept talking about teaching by the spirit, and I was just worried that I wasn't worthy enough for the spirit to teach through me, so much that my progress was kind of stunting. Then I realized, you know you got set apart as a missionary by the stake president, you're worthy!!! So the most important thing I've learned is just to do your best and the spirit will do the rest! Well I miss all of you guys, I love hearing everything that's happening at home, and talk to you next Thursday I guess. Oh and by the way there's a picture of Nicki, you know Schmidt, or however you spell her name, here in the MTC, and I'm sending some pictures of all of us that were at the SLC airport, the temple, the MTC, Elder Beach and Me, and all of the missionaries at this MTC (except for a few Haitians I think).

All the missionaries at the MTC except for the three Haitians that speak French
Elder Edholm and Elder Beach

The missionaries that met up at the Salt Lake airport to fly to the Dominican Republic together

Santo Domingo Temple

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