Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Elder Edholm

The day finally came, Palmer is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We left for the Cody airport at 9:30am.  We all went except for Eric who had summer school and golf lessons.  So Palmer and Eric said their goodbyes before we left:

We got to Cody around 11:000 and checked Palmer's luggage in and then went into town to Wendy's for lunch.  When we got back to the airport we heard that the plane coming in from Salt Lake was delayed an hour or more because of mechanical problems.  So we decided to go to Walmart and then come back.  As we came back the plane had landed but there were some problems.  The plane that came from Salt Lake could not hold as many people as were booked to fly back to Salt Lake.  They needed 20 people to volunteer to get off the flight.  The Cody airport is very small and they only have a few flights a day arriving and departing the airport, so if you chose to get bumped off the flight then you would have to wait until tomorrow to fly to Salt Lake.  This obviously was not an option for Palmer since his connection to New York left at 11:50pm that night.  We waited and waited to see what they would do.  A number of people began volunteering and soon it was down to just one more person.  No one volunteered so they took the last person to check in and told him he couldn't fly!  Thankfully that wasn't Palmer.  The plane left about 2+ hours late, it was a good thing his layover in Salt Lake was so long!  We said our goodbyes and bid Palmer farewell.


Meanwhile in Salt Lake Audrey, Lauren, and Matt went to the Salt Lake airport and picked up Palmer and took him to Crown Burger for dinner.  They also went to Temple Square and met by chance some friends of ours from Utah that were in our ward 7 years ago!  Their son gets married in a few days and they were there taking some pre-wedding pictures.  What a great coincidence!

Audrey, Palmer, Kelley Tennery, JJ Tenney, Lauren, Matt

At 10:30 pm that night I got a text from a mom with this picture:

This is Zac Melling from Beaver Utah.  He is going to the Dominican Republic MTC but won't be in Palmer's mission, he will be in the Santiago Dominican Republic Mission and is flying at the same time as Palmer!  How nice that Palmer will have someone to hang with on the flight to New York!

He should be on the plane to the DR right now!  I bet he will be tired, but so excited to be stepping off the plane onto the Dominican Republic soil.

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