Thursday, June 25, 2015

Elder Edholm--week 3

Ok so first off sorry for not answering you're questions last time, I actually realized that I didn't answer them right after I signed off, but anyway the scripture that I want to go on my plaque is Mosiah 23:21-22. Elder Beach is going to the Santiago Mission, and there are six others here right now that are going to the West mission, two sisters and four elders. Oh and I told Elder Beach that you are praying for him, and he didn't say much, but I could tell that he was pretty grateful for it because he's told me that his mom has never really been there for him, and he's never met his dad.
Well we went contacting at the University last Friday, and we're gonna do it again tomorrow. Basically we just walk around the university talking to people, and handing out pamphlets and Book of Mormons if we can. But it was really great, I can't wait to do it again tomorrow. These people really shocked me because they're just so open, even if they're a member of a different church they will still talk to you and have a discussion about your religion. I'm already starting to love these people because they're just so kind and have the desire to talk to you. I could really tell that they liked talking to us because they looked interested and when we walked away they would start reading the pamphlet. And we were able to communicate with them okay, they understood most of what we said, and I could understand most of what they were saying.
Oh and the first counselor of the MTC presidency here and his wife lived in Orem. I keep meaning to bring this up, but I keep forgetting. And they lived in the Sharon East stake I think, I don't know if that's the same stake that Grandma lives in.
'Till next week

Elder Edholm and Elder Beach

Elder Frogley and Elder Edholm with Elder Beach in the background

All the Elders at the MTC

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