Monday, September 14, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 14

Well I gave a talk in Sunday yesterday, and I thought it went pretty well despite the fact that I had to cut it pretty short. I talked about all the scriptures I had been finding that talk about putting your trust in the Lord, and in man. The first scripture I found that talked about it was in 2 Nephi 4:34 but then I just found more and more throughout the scriptures so I thought I would talk about that because I know I found those scriptures for a reason.
Also we finally had an investigator go to church. Her name is Norma De La Rosa, we went to pick her up (past couple of times we did that she wasn´t ready but said she would come later, but never did) but she was already walking there. We had just taught her about tithing a few days earlier and after sacrament meeting she understood that tithing is a commandment so she wanted to pay her tithing, and she did. I thought that was amazing. Our bishop also did a really great job making her feel welcome and was very appreciative to her for her donation. Some other members always do a great job at helping out with investigators.

That´s awesome to hear that Eric ran his first cross country race, and everything else too.

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