Friday, September 11, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 13

Well we went to the temple today and I did my first session in Spanish, I could understand what was going on in the session the whole time, but the last part was pretty difficult. But I got to see one of my favorite teachers from the MTC.
We have started working in this one area that is like a mile away from our house that missionaries haven´t worked in in forever. This one less active girl found us and we went to go visit her the next day. She´s super awesome and she has two kids that haven´t been baptized and her husband too. She said she stopped coming to church because she moved out there and she didn´t feel safe walking to church through busy streets with her little kids, but we found a member to give them a ride. They´re an awesome family, and people have been telling me this whole time that I would find people that have been prepared by the Lord for me to teach them. I know this family has been prepared by the Lord.
People do the craziest things during prayers here. It´s pretty regular for you to start praying and the whole time they just start whispering gracias and amen under their breath. The other day we asked this old lady to pray and she stood up and held up her right hand and started to pray. It´s all just pretty strange, but makes me laugh at the same stime.
´Till next week
-Elder Edholm

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