Monday, March 20, 2017

Elder Edholm -- week 92

So I didn't tell you guys this but we had a conference with all the missionaries in the country on Tuesday and Elder Andersen went! My first time seeing an apostle! Elder Maynes came again too. The whole area presidency was present as well. Elder Cornish left a while ago, our new area president is Elder Gonzalez from Uruguay. It was amazing though, I think what made it even more amazing was that I did my best to go prepared. Some things that really hit me from what he said is that every convert, to stay strong in the gospel, needs two things. First, they need to feel the love of Christ when repenting, they need to really repent and pray on their own, when we're not there. Second, they need to have a love for the Book of Mormon. That helped me so much because now I know better how to prepare my investigators for baptism because we're not baptizing people, we're baptizing converts. Also he told us we need to prepare ourselves now for the people we're gonna be after the mission.

Something fun that happened this week, a power line in front of our house fell, and we didn't know about it, the light left, but we thought it would come back like 6 hours later like it does everyday, but a whole day passed, then another, then another, then we found out what happened, but by the time we found out it was too late. Everything in the fridge spoiled (milk, chicken, salami, soup, pork) I remember when I opened that thing, I had never smelt anything like that in my life, that was definitely the worst thing I had ever smelt. When there's no light, there's also no water, so we couldn't clean anything, we spent the whole day today cleaning the house. It was nasty, we had to carry the fridge to the roof to clean it because we didn't want that death smell filling the house, rotting chicken I'm pretty sure is the smell of Hell.

But besides that fun, USA beat the DR in the world baseball classic who beat them a week ago, but when USA won this time it sent the DR home, everybody was mad at me, haha.

Anyway, that was my week, enjoying my last months in the service of the Lord, love you all!

Oh and heres a picture of Vladimir Guerrero and me, we're tight now, as dad would say.
Future Baseball Hall of famer, Vladimir Guerrero.

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