Monday, March 27, 2017

Elder Edholm -- week 92

Well we had a pretty normal week this week. We had interviews with President Nuckols and those are always great because it really motivates me to be more obedient and work harder. One notable thing that happened yesterday was that we went to an appointment and the person wasn't there, but we were close to a family that used to be investigators of ours. The wife has been in bed sick for about five months now. My companion promised her and the family that if they started to remember the Lord more that she would get better and that everything would start going better with their family. We invited her to say the last prayer, and she broke down and started crying asking for help. Now we just have to hope that they respond to that call, but it was just good to see that they understood, and that they want the Lord's help.
Besides that we have Oliva's baptism coming up on the eighth. She's doing really well and she's super excited, she loves the Book of Mormon. Another good thing that happened was that this partial family that we've been working with for a long time are finally progressing really well. The wife was pregnant, but lost her baby. I saw how happy she was when we shared Moroni 8 with her. The husband is a member and he has never wanted to get married with her, but finally yesterday he agreed to it! So no we'll just start working with that to get them married, it really was a huge blessing because I haven't had the privilege to marry anyone or baptized a family yet.
Today we did a lot of service, I chopped up a huge trunk with a horribly dull hatchet, it really killed me, but I was glad that I learned how to us one in boy scouts!

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