Monday, December 1, 2014

We took a picture of all of us (my kids, my mom, and my sister and her husband) when we were in Utah.  Amazingly enough, we all look normal!  We are a little photographically challenged!

All of us in front of my mom's house on Wednesday November 26th.  The weather was beautiful!

The list of last times has started!  Palmer said as he left for wrestling practice, "this is the last first day of wrestling season practice in high school for me."  Last Thanksgiving and Christmas with Palmer before his mission.  It's not too fun to look at it that way!

The temperature has dropped again.  On Saturday it reached into the 50's and then within an hour dropped to the teens!  It's amazing how fast it can get cold!  We just got the rest of the ice hacked off the driveway before it went down to freezing again.  It was -5 this morning.

I have sweet Lucy home sick today with the stomach nasties.  I think she is over the throwing up now and is just tired out.  She was so disappointed to miss school today.  Now we wait, to see if all of us will end up getting it!  The irony is that just last night I was thinking how nice it has been to not have anyone throw up in such a long time!  NEVER think that!

We had the sister missionaries over for dinner again last night.  They are really wonderful, happy, fun girls.  We lose the one soon, she is going home on the 13th of December.

18 days until my lovely girls fly up here for Christmas, I can't wait!

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