Monday, November 16, 2015

Edholm Elder -- week 23

Well a lot of things happened this week. First of all I forgot to talk about this investigator we have named Frank. He is an awesome investigator and he actually comes to church. I can tell he actually wants to change his life. He has his girlfriend that he lives with and he has asked the bishop for doctrine on marriage to talk to his girlfriend with. He said if his wife doesn´t want to get married than he´s going to leave her because that´s how much he wants to follow the commandments.

We had a zone conference on Thursday, and Elder Zivic from the seventy was there. Zone conferences always just give me a fire to work harder, especially this one because that was a huge topic at the conference. After the conference I got my birthday package finally!!! I just got to say, you guys really know me really well because everything was just perfect for what I needed, thank you everybody for everything in there! It was like Christmas getting it! Tell Peter that I tried mixing a poptart with that koolaid drink stuff and it actually tasted pretty good!

On Saturday we received the transfers, and this was the biggest shock. They told us that they were whiting out our area and they were going to put two sisters here. I was devastated at first because I couldn´t help but feeling that I could´ve worked a lot harder and prevented this from happening because from the first day I got here I was afraid that they would white out the area, but there is nothing I can do about it now. It´s really hard to say goodbye to this area. The people here in Canastica are such good and amazing people, and it seemed like way too short of a time that I was here, we´ve spent this whole day saying goodbye to people and taking pictures, it´s definitely not easy. There are so many people I wish I would´ve gotten to know better, and I really wish I would´ve taken better advantage of this amazing ward that we have. But I am getting transferred to the zone Los Alcarrizos on the capital, the area is called Villa Altagracia, and If I´m not wrong that is the last area that Alex Wassum was in before he went home, which is pretty cool, but his last companion just finished training somebody there and I´m going to be with him. His name is Elder Solis and he is from Mexico. It´s kinda scary to think about because he just finished being trained and I only have five months so neither of us really know anything, but that´s good because we will learn a lot together.

CLARIFICATION (mom asked him about "whiting out the area" and if he would be the senior companion)
Yes I will be the senior companion, but for example Canastica right now has to sets of elders and they are whiting it out so they are taking out both sets of elders, that´s what whiting out an area means, when you take out all of the missionaries in that area

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