Monday, November 9, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 22

Well, I had another good week this week, filled with great opportunities and lots more learning experiences.

We had a ¨harvest¨ or a ¨Mormon Batallion¨ as we like to call them this last Saturday in Cambita which is pretty far away. It´s a pretty rural area, I really like it, it´s right next to the mountains, and it´s just a really calm place. It was my second time going there, the first time I went there we went hiking, and I sent a picture of that I think. But anyway, these Mormon Batallions that we do, we have like one a month or something, and every time they´re in a different area in San Cristóbal. Well what we do is we visit less actives, and share with them, and then invite them to the branch conference or open house or whatever is going that Sunday. I split up and went with Elder Tejada, who lives in my house, and we taught this less active, I really learned a lot.

We first started out by just listening to the guy, and he really opened up to us, he told us about his life, who God is to him, and why he knows the LDS church is true. After that he started crying because he knew that he hadn´t been following the path he should´ve been. We said a prayer after that. But first of all Cambita is this other elder´s area, and he told us to talk about the Sabbath day with him, but after really listening to him Elder Tejada leaned over to me and told me we were gonna change the subject. I really felt the same way. We shared Moroni chapter 10 verse 32. That really testified to me that we teach people, missionary work is all about people. And if you really listen and discern the people´s needs, with the spirit you can teach straight to their heart. That was a great experience for me. 

Teaching with the spirit isn´t hard. You just need to really listen to the person, and with the spirit´s help you can discern their needs.

Well I hope everything is going well with all of you guys. I really hope Eric is doing well too. Tell him that I believe in him, and that he is the smartest 12 year old I know.

I love you guys!

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