Monday, November 2, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 21 = 5 months

Well this week I went on another companionship exchange with Elder Mejia, I´m not really sure why, but it was another great experience. I really learned that it´s important to use the bible a lot with the people here, especially in first lessons. Because it can be a misbelief that mormons don´t use the bible, but if you share a scripture from the bible in your first visit, that solves that problem. I also learned that as a missionary people can get stuck just flowing down the current, and that could work, but it could also not work. And as a missionary, and also in life, if the way you´re doing something isn´t working, you can´t just stick to that path because it will just continue not to work. I learned that change is one big factor that brings miracles.

Mom asked what I do on P-days. We´ve gone to caves, gone on hikes, gone to the beach, we play basketball a lot. We try to do a lot of zone activites. And also yes, baseball is all people talk about here. I can´t believe the Cubs made it to the playoffs though, isn´t that the first time in literally over 100 years?!?!?!

I can´t believe tomorrow I will have five months on my mission! Time really does fly out here. It´s good to here that Eric dressed up as Green Arrow for Halloween, that´s really awesome!

Well I hope winter doesn´t hit you guys too hard, try to servive!

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