Monday, November 23, 2015

Elder Edholm -- week 24

Well transfers went well, I safely arrived in the nice town of Villa Altagracia. It's pretty secluded from the capital, it's about a thirty minute drive away from the capital, and it's surrounded by mountains, it's really cool. The area is really nice, and there aren't too many motorcycles.

My companion Elder Solis is from Mexico and we mostly speak Spanish together. He is trying to learn English so sometimes I help him practice his English. The good thing is, is that we're both really young and want to work really hard. We have some good baptismal dates that I'm pretty confident will actually happen.

We are currently teaching someone without a hand, another person without a leg, and another person without legs at all! But something I've really noticed is that when I'm teaching, and the investigator is saying something, I've gotten in the bad habit of thinking of something to say, but I've found out if I just really listen and really pay attention to what the person is saying then I can be better guided by the spirit as of what to say.

In the last zone meeting we had, the zone leaders related our zone to the story of captain Moroni and the title of liberty. It was really cool because basically we should have the same motives as captain Moroni. He wrote the verses that have the words of the title of liberty on them on a white shirt, but put our zone in there. It really goes to show that the mission isn't about you, it's about the people you came out here to serve.

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