Tuesday, September 2, 2014

 It's amazing the talented and educated people that live here in Worland that are members of the church.  For example here are some of the job titles of the people in the two wards:
President of ANB bank
President of State Security Bank
Doctor at the clinic
Physical Therapist at the clinic
Director of the hospital
Owner of Blair's grocery story
Multiple teachers in the elementary and high schools

In addition it seems that nearly every person I meet played a sport on the college level.  There are several volleyball, basketball, and football former college players.  Because of this, their children are all very athletically talented and they share their talents through coaching on many different levels. 

It's interesting to see all these people drawn to live in this town.  Most of them are not from Worland, although many of them are from different parts of Wyoming or Montana. 

I got Lucy signed up to do volleyball.  They can start sports when they are in 3rd grade.  She is really excited!  Andy's first football game is this Saturday and Palmer has another football game this Friday. 

It looks like Emma and I are going to go on a trip to either Cody or Sheridan.  She is going to Homecoming and doesn't have a dress to wear.  We've looked online, but it's hard to shop for a formal dress and know what it will look like when you try it on.  We were all going to try and go to Billings Montana, which is 3 hours away, and go to Costco and the mall and the temple, but all of our Saturdays are booked with football until October. 

I've had multiple families ask if I am going to teach piano lessons.  I am going to teach Emma, Andy, Eric, Lucy, and Peter.  I would like to have a few other students so they could play duets together, but I definitely don't want a lot of students, 10 would be my max.  My piano is still in Brian's office so the first thing is to get it here at the house. 

I made some headway in the garage today. This is the time when I wish I was Samantha Stevens and I could twitch my nose and have everything magically put away!  I'm also working out at the gym here.  I'm starting some weight training exercises which I'm excited about.  The guy who owns the gym gave me some exercises to do and spent some time with me showing me the right form.  It was like having a personal trainer-really cool.  Hopefully I will be in awesome shape by Thanksgiving! 

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