Saturday, September 13, 2014

Last night Palmer's team played in Torrington.  It's about 5 hours away on the other side of the state.  Brian and another dad drove to watch him play.  They lost 21-6, their first lost of the season.  Brian came back home after the game and arrived around 2:30am.  The team stayed overnight at a hotel and Palmer got home this morning.  Andy also had a game today in Lovell.  It's a short hour and 15 minute drive, so both Brian and I went.  They won 42-0!

Lovell High School Stadium

Andy's team went out to lunch after the game to the only restaurant in town.  Brian and I drove back and stopped in Greybull at Lisa's Diner.  The hamburgers there were the best I've ever eaten, but the service was EXTREMELY slow.  But, hey, we are in Wyoming and we aren't in a hurry!

Here is an awesome picture of our organized garage:

It's my pride and joy!  I actually had time this week to sit down and play the piano for a little while, so much nicer than unpacking!

We are all very excited to be going to Billings on Monday since there isn't school that day.  I'm disappointed that the temple is closed, but we have lots of things to do there.  Our shopping list keeps getting longer and longer!  We will be looking for a dress for Emma for Homecoming.  Palmer asked a girl to Homecoming as well.  Her dad is in the bishopric and they live right around the corner from us.  Homecoming is September 26th.

Today is so much warmer than last week.  We had our first snow on Thursday and I wasn't really happy about that!  Today we are in the low 60's and it seems wonderfully warm!

Lucy has her first volleyball game next week, she is VERY excited about it!  She told me she is really good at volleyball!  Gotta love her confidence!

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