Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The garage is clear and organized!  Now all we have to do is get some bookshelves to put my 12 boxes of books on and Brian needs to put all his tools in his trailer away!  Of course the inside of the house still needs some work.  The only furniture in the living room is the piano and the harp and I haven't hung any pictures up.  My bedroom is still a little disorganized as well.  But all of that seems easy compared to going through 280 or so boxes and deciding where everything will be going.  It's very comforting to see we have empty shelves in some of the storage spaces and closets.  I don't want to feel cramped and crowded in my house. 

With the bulk of things put away, I can focus on some things that are more enjoyable.  Playing the piano and harp, reading, putting together a schedule for my kids piano lessons and Lucy's harp lessons (she's been begging me to teach her for months now).  I can put together a menu for meals, pull some weeds from our flower beds, and hang out with some of my new friends!  I may even volunteer at the library every now and again. 

I spent some time at the library here this afternoon.  I want to pick a book to read to my kids.  It's been too long since I've done that.  I checked out 6 books that I want to look over before I decide which one to read out loud. 

Tomorrow is the ward harvest dinner.  I'm bringing breadsticks, one of the few things I can cook well! 

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