Thursday, September 4, 2014

I tackled Eric and Peter's room today!  Here are some pictures of the results!
Thanks to Andy this bookshelf got a new coat of paint and a new life

With such a bigger room I realized they have empty shelves!  

Eric's top bunk

Our deck is a collector of empty boxes.  We try to not overload the dumpster everyday!
Yesterday Brian got a few of the guys that work for him to help him bring the piano to our house.  It has been in his office since the movers came since I didn't want it stored in the storage unit and getting overheated.  Guess what that means--practicing starts soon!

Palmer texted me today asking if I would bring his jersey to school because they are having pictures taken.  He said it was on his dresser.  I walked into his room (which is organized and spotless) and found it carefully folded on top of his dresser.

I love how he takes care of his things that are important to him.

The school nurse called me today and Peter is missing one of his chicken pox shots.  So today after school we get to go take care of that.  He will be so excited to find out where we are going when he gets home!  I think I better have ice cream on hand for afterwards!

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