Thursday, September 25, 2014

Billings Temple

Tuesday I got to go to the Billings Temple.  It's really pretty.  As you walk in the entire ceiling is a giant skylight.  You can see the Angel Moroni from inside the temple as you are in the foyer.  Everything is very light, especially the celestial room.  One of the sister's from my ward, whose name is also Julie, invited me to go with her.  She had a doctor's appointment in Billings and wanted to go to the temple and do some shopping.  We left at 6:30am and got home at 6:30pm.  It was a wonderful trip.  I got to know this sister better and really enjoyed the time at the temple and got a little shopping in.  The temple is really pretty set up against the red cliffs.  It's small like the Draper temple, about 50 seats in the endowment rooms.  It's pretty busy since it serves a large area.  Most of the people drive  many hours to get there.  They have an outside dressing room with lockers across from the temple so people can change from their street clothes to their Sunday clothes since they have to travel for such long periods.  Saturdays are really busy if you don't get there early enough. 

Andy's team won again today.  He made a 75 yard touchdown run!  Homecoming is tomorrow, I really hope our team wins!

Brian took some pictures of Peter and Lucy and me on the Ferris Wheel when we were in Billings last week. 

You can't see Lucy's terrified face very well!

We are in for a busy weekend with the Homecoming parade and football game tomorrow and then Homecoming Dance on Saturday.  I'll take lots of pictures!

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