Saturday, September 27, 2014

Eventful day.

Andy's team played a small middle school in Manderson.  A town of under 1000 people.  They won handily.  Meanwhile everyone else was busily getting the house cleaned for the Homecoming dance festivities.

Palmer was in charge of making breadsticks and pizza dough.  He then took that over to his friends house to cook it.  I went and picked up his corsage for the girl he asked.  Her name is Sadria (I know I'm spelling that wrong) and her dad is in the bishopric.  His group ate at his friends house.  He then came home and changed into his new suit for the dance.  I didn't get to see his date all dressed up, but I'm hoping pictures are being taken at the dance.

Emma went over to her friends house so she could help her do her hair and then took her dress and makeup to another friends house to finish getting ready.  Her group was doing a progressive dinner and we were dessert.  Lucy and I left for the General Women's Meeting with instructions for Brian to cook the brownies while we were gone. We came home and I set up the table and got everything ready.  They came and I got introduced to everyone.  Emma's date was someone she has never met.  He is from Otto, a VERY small town by Burlington which is another small town that is 97% LDS.  He seemed very nice.  There were three couples in her group.  The one girl used to live in Burlington, which is about an hour from here, and she knew all the guys.  Here as some pictures of them eating dessert:

Brianna and her date

Emma and Courtney and Emma's date on the left.
And here is a group picture.  My phone does not take high quality photos!

They all were talking and seemed like things were going well.  My little Emma is really growing up and looked so pretty tonight.

I had a wonderful time with Lucy at the General Women's Meeting tonight.  It was her first one to attend and she was very excited.  She took notes and said she really liked it.  She loved seeing all the children her age and really paid attention.  I felt the spirit strongly during the talks and the music.  What a wonderful blessing to be in Wyoming and be able to participate with the rest of the world in listening to inspired sisters speak, sing, and an apostle speak the words of God.  I was truly filled.

My mom sent me lots of Halloween decor and I put it up for the Homecoming group.  Here is a picture of it on the bookshelf all lit up!

I'm settling in for a few hours of reading as I wait up for Palmer and Emma.  It's been a fun day!

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