Friday, September 26, 2014


Emma the flag twirler

more twirling

The drumline.  Palmer is on the far side

1st grade minions.  Peter is on the front row, third from left

Andy's 8th grade football team.  He is in the truck with his back toward me

Worland High School Marching Band

The Homecoming parade was cute.  It was just about 20 minutes long, the kids threw candy, Palmer, Emma, Andy, and Peter were in the parade.  Lucy and Eric were sitting across the street from Brian and me with their school classes.  All the elementary schools bring their kids to the parade.  It was short and sweet and I loved it!  We are all hoping the football team wins tonight!

Worland lost to Jackson tonight 32-16.  Palmer saw more playing time than he normally does so that was a bright spot.  The marching band performed at half time and Emma did great!  It was a beautiful evening with perfect weather and there was a bunch of people around us that we knew.  The younger kids sat with some of their friends and we all had a very nice time.  There were so many people at the game, the community really supports the high school teams.  I'm looking forward to this weekend and being with my family!

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