Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recap of the last few days:

Palmer played in the football game against Lander High School (about 3 hours south).  We won.  Palmer got a solo tackle in as well.  Emma played with the pep band and then at half time performed with the flag corp.  Peter, Lucy, and Eric sat with Peter's friend Sharise again.  They were crazy during the game!  Andrew sat with his new 8th grade football home boys.

Andy had his first football game.  It was a scrimmage against two teams: Lander and Powell.  They would just go four downs and then switch teams.  Powell was really good.  They had some kid that was 6 feet tall!  Andy did really well.
I completely wore myself out unpacking and organizing the garage.  The sad thing is you can't even really tell what I did!!  There is still so much to go through.
We had one of the boys from the ward over to watch the BYU game against Texas, awesome game!  Lucy and Peter played with the across the street neighbors a bunch, Fiona and Miles.

Whew, glad it's Sunday today, I'm pretty worn out.  I think I lifted one too many boxes yesterday.  Brian got called as the Young Men's President today.  He will do a great job!  I don't have a calling yet, which is kind of nice!

It's starting to get cooler already.  I have to admit I'm a little scared about the winter.  I've heard all the horror stories about 40 below temps.  I do like the cold, but I'd rather not have my saliva freeze if I open my mouth for a breath!

Here's to another week ahead of me!

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