Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sports update:

Lucy played her second volleyball game.  She is so cute and determined as she plays.  Here are some action shots:

practicing her serve before the game, she is right in the center of the picture

hitting the ball
It's fun to watch the games.  They only last about 30 minutes since they play each team twice, the perfect amount of time.

On Friday Palmer traveled to Buffalo and beat them 22-6.  He was pretty happy about that.  On Saturday Andy played Cody and lost 22-0.  It was their first loss.  Brian normally would have seen both games, but was in Thermopolis with Eric and Peter at a scout campout.  Peter was pretty excited that he got to go with them.  They had a good time with each other.

The weather has warmed up considerably.  It's been in the beautiful 80's all week.  I'm trying to soak up every warm minute because everyone keeps saying they fear this will be a bad winter.

Emma and her two other friends are getting everything ready for Homecoming this week.  Here is Emma's dress that we bought last week.  It's simple enough that she can wear it to church and fancy enough to go to the dance!  She looks very nice in it.  I'm hoping to get lots of pictures that night.  They are having a progressive dinner and dessert is at our house.  Palmer and his friend haven't solidified exactly what they are doing quite yet.  Homecoming is a pretty big deal.  They have a parade that all the kids participate in.  Even the elementary kids are involved.  I'm glad the weather will be good this weekend.

I really excited to be able to go to the temple in Billings on Tuesday.  A sister in the ward is going and invited me to come along.  We are leaving at 6:30 am so we can make it to the 10:00 session.  It seems like a long time since I've been to the temple so I'm very happy to be going.  I only wish Brian could come with me this time.


  1. I wanna see a picture of Emmie IN the dress. Also, when's homecoming?