Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday, part II

Thermopolis was really cool!  The Hot Springs are a wonderful sight.  The kids weren't sure about the sulfur smell!  There was a swinging suspension bridge that went over the river that we walked on.  Peter and Eric DID NOT like it at all.  It was kind of scary as it swayed in the wind and the river is a LONG ways down. 
Looking towards the hot springs as they flow down into the river.  Cool colors formed by all the bacteria in the water.

Palmer and Peter on the swinging bridge

Looking down from the bridge to the river

Palmer's arm as he pretends to cliff dive!

Eric, Peter, and Lucy in a little cave formed by the hot springs

Cave fun

Looking at the bridge from underneath
We came back and hung out at the library for a little while.  Now we are at the Cottrell's house.  It's nice to be in a home and not the Hotel for awhile.  Palmer is hanging out with one of the boys from the ward. 

Until tomorrow....


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