Sunday, August 24, 2014

Look at the sign!  Yesterday, with the help of lots of awesome people, we got all our stuff from the storage container to our house! It was raining hard most of the day which made things interesting!  Then started the fun part, unpacking. We got the kitchen put together and started on the bedrooms.  There's so much more to tackle!  

We ate dinner at another members home last night.  They have 8 kids like us so it was crowded!  We came back to our home and slept in our own beds!  Such an awesome feeling!  

Audrey and Lauren left to go back to Utah after church this morning.  It was sad to see them go.  I really enjoyed having all of us together this past week.

It's a wonderful feeling to be in a house that fits us.  The kids can spread out and aren't on top of each other. We are feeling very blessed and a little spoiled. It's a nice feeling!


  1. Julie, I can't stop smiling for you and Brian. I'm so happy for you!