Thursday, August 21, 2014

School was an overall success! Here's a quick summary:
Petey-Knows one boys name, 12 kids in his class, learned about apples and likes granny smith the best, had the best cheeseburger of his life for lunch.
Lucy Lou-lots of friends, so happy, quickly did all her homework, excited to go back tomorrow.
Eric-came home much more confident than when he left, very happy to be back in school.
Andy-Said he was bored with all his classes, got his Football stuff, likes language arts the best.

Emma-had to make a hard decision today, she can't do flag corp and volleyball because they conflict. She chose flags.  She had a lot of homework tonight all from one class-honors English.  The rest of her classes are easy.
Palmer-good day, like Emma he had lots of English homework because they have the same teacher, football practice after school.

Here's to a great school year!

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