Monday, August 18, 2014

We're home!  Back to our good old Days Inn in Worland!  The drive today was only 4 hours, so much better, but I still need a break before getting back into a car for awhile.

On the way back we stopped in Gilette because, joy of all joys, they have a Sports Authority!  Palmer and Andy both got football cleats and mouth guards, Emma got some shorts for volleyball practice today and some knee guards and some shoes.

We were caravaning  on the way back because we have Audrey's car now.  I drove in the car with Audrey and Lucy and everyone else was in the van.  We went over the Big Horn mountains further south than we did on the way up.  It was an easier drive, not so twisty, but not as pretty either.

We got back in Worland in time for Emma to get her sports physical and then for Palmer and her to go to their first official practice for football and volleyball.  Emma was a little nervous since she knows hardly anyone and has never been on a volleyball team before, but she is a go getter and is giving it her best.  Meanwhile I stayed in the hotel and had a much needed nap!

Right now we are being treated to a wonderful summer rain storm, it smells so wonderful and feels fresh.  Tomorrow Emma has to be at practice at 6:00am!  School starts on Thursday with early morning seminary at 6:45.  Time is moving right along!  I'm looking forward to eating dinner in my house with home made food and sleeping in my own bed!


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