Monday, August 4, 2014

things are moving along

We had a grand time at the stake president's house last night.  They have 5 daughters.  The oldest is Lauren's age and just got married two months ago to a guy from Evanston, they live in Rock Springs where they both go to school.  The second daughter just graduated from high school and will be going to Utah State.  The third daughter will be a sophomore, the fourth is Andy's age and the fifth is Eric's age.  They are a great family.  He was put in as stake president the first week Brian was here.  He is an optometrist.  His wife is almost completely deaf.  She can speak and she reads lips.  I talked with her for nearly the entire time we were there and it's amazing how well she communicates.  We had no problems understanding each other.  The daughter that is Andy's age is VERY vivacious and outgoing.  She already has people lined up for Andy to meet.  They are going to Canada on Friday and have offered us their house to stay in for the week they will be gone.  They have no animals, so that's good.  They said for sure Susie and Bryan can stay there when they get here with Emma on Saturday. 

Palmer went to marching band this morning.  The band teacher was very impressed with him and Palmer said he is way better than the other percussionists (he's not humble or anything!).  I also picked up the books for the honors English class that Emma and Palmer are taking.  The teacher has a PhD and is very rigorous.  Apparently the kids are assigned books to read over the summer.  Emma and Palmer have 2 weeks to finish as many of the 14 books as they can!  Thankfully some Palmer has already read, like the Bible, the Scarlett Letter, and The Great Gatsby.  It looks like there will be some serious reading going on in the near future!

Andy and Palmer are got their sports physicals today.  They offer them at the clinic for only $10.  While I was there I met more members.  It's amazing how many church members there are in this small town. 

It's raining and muggy this afternoon.  Palmer has football practice again tonight.  He seems to be really getting into the groove and likes it.  The coach asked Brian if he wanted to help with some coaching.  He is going to go with Palmer tonight and see what he thinks.

Lucy is best friends with the hotel manager.  She talks to him as we eat breakfast and when our tv didn't work she called him on the phone.  She seems to make friends wherever she goes. 

Brian made an offer on a house today.  The seller rejected it.  He is asking more money than the house is appraised for.  The realtor is seeing if he will rethink his asking price.  These things seem to take so much time!

Until tomorrow......

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