Thursday, August 21, 2014


We spent much of yesterday buying school supplies.  While we were at the store Peter came up to me and said, "look, my tooth fell out.  I was jumping and it just fell out!" 
Peter's first lost tooth
The tooth fairy even found him at the Days Inn in Worland last night!  Pretty cool.

The first day of school started at 6:30 this morning.  There wasn't early morning seminary today so we got up a little later.  After scriptures I went with some of the kids to eat breakfast in the lobby of the hotel.  One of the employees, Dan, told me he had something for me.  He brought out bags for each of the kids for school.  They had an apple, a treat and some pencils and erasers in them!  He said he knew they weren't too excited to go to school from the hotel and he wanted to make it a little better!  So cool.

Brian took Palmer, Emma, and Andy to school this morning.  Hopefully everything goes well today!  I took Peter, Lucy, and Eric to the elementary school. 
Ready for school
The kids were excited to wear regular clothes and not a uniform!  When we got to Eastside Elementary they were met with this crossing guard:
The kids loved it!  A pencil crossing guard!  Very cute.  I helped each of them find their classrooms.  They were all a little hesitant as they walked in.  So many people from church were there and said hi to us.  We'll see how it all went after school today.

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