Friday, August 15, 2014

We are finally in Custer City!!  Our day started at 4:00am as Brian and I drove to Cody to drop Brian off at the airport.  We changed Brian's flight plan and he flew directly to Kansas City.  I drove back to Worland and went back to bed.  I then left with the kids around 10:45 and drove the same road to Cody again-90 miles.  We picked up Lauren at the airport and started on our 6 hour drive to South Dakota.  We encountered lots of road construction and had to drive very slowly up and over the Big Horn mountains.  We reached nearly 9500 feet at the top.  It was beautiful, but nerve wracking driving my huge van up miles and miles of switch backs for an hour.  It was a complete act of God that none of my car sick prone children barfed!  So our anticipated 6 hour drive turned into almost 7 hours.  Meanwhile. Brian and Audrey won't finish their 11 hour drive from Kansas City until around 2am.  I think we'll be dead tomorrow morning!

Despite that I've seen some incredible scenery and I stand in awe of this amazing world.  A huge shout out to my phenomenal kids who were so patient and kept the complaints to a minimum, you're all the best and I love you!

Here's to a lot less driving tomorrow!

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