Saturday, August 9, 2014

I went running this morning.  Here's what I saw:

cows munching grass
large dog barking (thankfully behind a fence)
tons of insects
birds, birds, birds
no traffic
beautiful wide open sky
dirt roads
friendly mail carrier
Here are some pictures:

It's the first time I've been running since my surgery.  It felt sooooo good! 
Brian keeps commenting on how huge the sky is.  It seems to go on forever!  And it's so dark at night.  There aren't any street lights. 

The kids enjoyed a morning game of frisbee and pickle ball in the Cottrell's immense back yard.  They are now playing air hockey.  We spent nearly the whole time outside last night.  It was so pretty and the weather was perfect.  We ate outside, played frisbee, jumped on the trampoline, and just messed around.  So much nicer than the hotel room!

Can't wait for Susie and Bryan and my Emma to get here tonight! 

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