Wednesday, August 6, 2014

School school school

We got up bright and early to be at the official registration for Palmer and Emma at Worland Senior High School.  It started at 8:00, but people had told Palmer to be there earlier.  We got there at 7:45 and then was a line already waiting for the doors to open!  It took us an hour to get everything done.  And guess what we were waiting for?!  Lockers.  That's it.  They let you pick your own lockers, so everyone gets there early so they can get their lockers with their friends!  Palmer didn't care where his was and I just picked a place for Emma.  Hopefully it won't really matter!

Palmer stayed at the school for marching band and I drove back to the hotel to get Andy to do the same at the middle school.  His was much more calm!  No line.  I filled out all the paperwork and some nice girls  his age showed him where his home room was and gave him the tour of the school.  It seems Andy is surrounded with girls!  The party last night was fun, he said.  He looked very uncomfortable going into the house!  It's kind of cute!

Worland High School

Worland High Warrior

Now it's laundry time and quiet reading time.  One nice thing about the hotel is that I don't have any "chores" to do besides laundry.  It's quite nice really.

I stopped into the Shopko Hometown store to look around.  I picked up some fruit snacks for the kids and the checker gave me the "senior discount"!  Do I look 55?!  

I spent the rest of the day with Candace Cottrell, the stake president's wife.  She showed me where everything was in her house and then gave me a map of the Mt. Rushmore area.  She lived right outside of the area in Newcastle Wyoming for 12 years, so she knows all the best places to go.  I'm excited to go explore the area!

Brian, Palmer, and Andy are at Young Men's.  They invited the high priests to go with them for their activity tonight: shooting.  It's a big past time here.  Eric has scouts in just a few minutes as well, so then it will just be Lucy, Peter, and me.  We'll have to go get some ice cream or something!

Until tomorrow,

Love & Kisses,


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