Friday, August 8, 2014

Yeah, it's Friday!

Last night we had to get the kids out of the hotel room!  They were having  massive pillow fights and really bugging each other.  Andy especially has perfected being a pest to his siblings down to an art!  So we hauled everyone into the van and drove.  We went down by the golf course and tiny airport and finally stopped at the park.  It was very overcast and the weather was oh so perfect!  The kids got all their energy out.  Palmer and I had a cartwheel contest.  Palmer won.  It started to rain, so we had to go too soon.  Here are some pics:
Eric and Peter on the slide

Merry go round type thing, Brian made it go amazingly fast!

monkey bar fun

beautiful sky

We are moving out of the Days Inn this morning!  Lucy is sad not to see her friend Tommy each day!  We are going to go to Thermopolis and check out the Hot Springs.  They look really cool.  It's about a 30 minutes drive.  I'm going to post this now, because I don't know if I will have wireless at the house we are going to.  If we do, I'll add more tonight!


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