Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Totally Tuesday

Palmer left for marching band bright and early this morning.  It was a quiet morning as I laid down the law--no more watching mindless sponge bob and scooby doo episodes!  The kids read their library books and played legos in the hotel room.  Then we hopped in the car and went to the library to turn in books and get some new ones.  This time we met another librarian who was very happy and cheerful and gave us a (short) tour of the library.  I talked with her for awhile and made a new friend!  We left with our arms full of books!  

Washakie County Library, Worland Branch
If you are wondering why Lucy is the only one in all of the pictures it's because she is the only willing person.  The boys hate their picture taken.  After our library excursion Lucy got her hair cut, just a few inches off.  We picked up Palmer from band and went to Pizza Hut for lunch with the free personal pan pizza coupons we got at the library.  Then took Palmer back to band, took Brian some lunch and dropped the kids off at the hotel.  I went to look at another house with Brian and the realtor.  It was clean and nice, but oh so small, which seems to be a theme around here.  We talked with the realtor and he is going to talk with the other couple again about their house and see if they would pay the closing costs.  Then maybe it would be a better deal for us.  They are discussing it and will let  us know.  

In the meantime Andy has been invited to a party tonight by the stake president's daughter at her house.  He's a little freaked out by it, but is going to go!  She is very friendly and flirty and I don't think he knows how to deal with it!  

Back at the hotel I was talking with the hotel manger, who is so nice and helpful, and he asked if we'd been to the Washakie Museum yet.  I said no, but Lucy really wanted to go.  He called up and got us discount tickets so we picked up Palmer after band and went.  Apparently the largest woolly mammoth dig was found 2 miles outside of Worland.  The Museum was small, but cool.  
Woolly mammoth at the Washakie Museum with Lucy's T-Rex face

Palmer is on his way to lift with the football players tonight, I'm glad he is already involved and meeting people.  Until tomorrow......


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