Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday is a special day.....

The Washakie County Fair:
Over priced food
Country music
Cigarette smoke
Little kids train ride
We left the rodeo early last night, the kids weren't really into it.  It was pretty fun, but very small.  Lucy was upset when they started the calf roping.  She felt sorry for the little calves!  Peter wanted to know why everyone was wearing cowboy hats.  My kids really know nothing about country living!  Lucy really wants to ride a horse.  We've had several people tell her she could come over and ride their horses.  She would be a cute little cowgirl with her own pair of boots!

Eating chocolate covered pretzels while watching the rodeo

Lucy's silly face
She likes to ham it up!
 Another day of house hunting!  We may have got some solutions to some of our mortgage issues, so today should be better!  We are moving back into the hotel.  You may think this is a step backwards, but I'm glad.  The house we were staying at had cats.  At first I was fine, but last night my eyes were sore and itchy and watery and Brian started having issues and Lucy could barely talk she was so stuffed up.  The company will still pay for it so we are going back.  I really don't mind the hotel, we have our own space and it feels like we are more together as a family instead of sharing space with someone else.

It looks like we have narrowed the search down to three houses.  Now it's up to us to choose the best one.  Tomorrow night after Fast Sunday we will need to have the decision made.  Thank goodness we can rely on our Father in Heaven to lead us to the right decision.

Tonight we are going to see if we can drive to Ten Sleep.  It's 30 minutes away and in our stake.  It's the only other city in our county.  It's kind of a resort type town and is supposed to be really pretty.  I'll see if I can take pictures and send them tomorrow.


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