Thursday, August 14, 2014

Running in the rain is one of my favorite things!  It was just sprinkling this morning and everything looked clean and fresh.  This is our last day at this beautiful home.  When people are so kind to you it's hard to think of something to do to thank them that equals how you feel!  We're making zucchini bread for them and cleaning their already spotless house.  Brian mowed their immense lawn with their riding lawn mower.  All of that seems so small compared to how much we've enjoyed ourselves. 

We leave at 9:30 in the morning to drive 90 minutes to Cody.  Lauren's flight comes in at 12:27 and Brian flies out on the same plane to go back to SLC.  Brian then flies from SLC Saturday morning to Kansas City.  Audrey will meet him there and they will start their 9 hrs. and 51 min, drive to Rapid City.  Meanwhile after we pick up Lauren tomorrow we will drive from Cody to Custer City South Dakota which will take 5 hrs. and 54 min.  Whew, a lot of driving!  We will spend that day and night at Custer City which is just west of Mt. Rushmore.  Saturday we will meet Brian and Audrey in Rapid City and spend Sunday at Mt. Rushmore.  We spend Sunday night at Spearfish which is north in the Black Hills and then home on Monday morning so Palmer can be at football practice at 3:30 and Emma can be at her dr.'s appt. for her school physical at 2:00.  Emma has decided to play volleyball.  They don't have tryouts here, so she is on the team.  Her practice starts at 3:30 as well.  It will be a short packed vacation with lots of driving!  Look forward to lots of pictures! 

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