Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wyoming sunset courtesy of my brother-in-law
I keep thinking that the days have been so beautiful so I can remember them when it's January! 

We had another visitor drop by today and bring us vegetables from their garden.  She is the YW president.  When I asked her name she said it was Julie!  That's one person whose name I won't forget!

We also had a couple from the ward deliver us cookies for FHE.  I've never felt so popular before!  I just hope I can follow their examples and do the same. 

Amazon is already becoming my friend!  Palmer, Emma, and Andy need backpacks and the selection here is pretty thin.  It's really enjoyable to do school shopping without stepping into a store.  I think I'm definitely liking Wyoming! 

2 more days until we leave for Mt. Rushmore and pick up Lauren!  I can't wait!


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